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Hello there!

I’m Matt. A young, travel-obsessed LGBTQ photographer and influencer from Portland Oregon. Our world is quickly changing, and us with it! Leaving the US for the first time, I quickly learned that there isn’t enough helpful LGBTQ travel-friendly information out there. My goal is to change that! Through the lens of my camera and alongside my husband, I’m traveling the world to better understand myself and this ever expansive earth we inhabit. There are pieces of what it means to be human in each and every culture. Through photography and videography, I hope to share our stories through refreshingly genuine and relatable content.

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About Matt!

Hello! My name is Matt and I’m a travel photographer and writer based in Portland, Oregon. For years I’ve shared stories over Instagram and YouTube. Now I run my own business traveling the world, creating content, and publishing through contracted assignments., When I’m not working, I can usually be found eating at any of the numerous restaurants in Portland with my husband Michael, or sipping a coffee at a favorite café.